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Carpet Heritage

Carpet Heritage manufactures authentic hand made Persian carpets and rugs in the footsteps of the late ninteenth century Ziegler rug company in Persia.

Persia Revisited Collection

One of human kinds oldest and most valued forms of artistic expression has been hand knotted rugs. Going back, at least, over two millenia, this extraordinary art has been passed on from mother to daughter for generations. These beautiful creations were once used not as decor but as an article of warmth and comfort. As the centuries progressed, and the traditions passed on, the hand knotted rug became not a thing of necessity, but an art of passion, the same passion that is expressed in every tradionally made piece today.

We use the best materials in every carpet to ensure the highest quality in its class. Our rugs are made from 100% hand spun wool, 100% natural dyes, and the same traditional weaving techniques that were being used centuries ago. We take pride in the fact that no synthetic materials of any kind were used in the making of this magnificient piece of art.